Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Blog Content Checklist

Blog Tasks - Planning and Research

You should ensure that your blog has varied and thorough posts that include images or videos that reflect your research and ideas.

Here are some topics that you should ensure are included on your Blog:

Star Analysis - You should each have analysed a star and how their videos sell them to the target audience, you can look at several videos or videos that span their career.

Auteur Theory - the theory and research on one music video director.

Goodwin’s Theory of Analysis - Ensure all 6 points are clear on your blog. Relate this to videos you study and your own ideas.

DVD Cover and Magazine Advert Analysis - Real examples, your photoshop practice and ideas for you final products.

Timeline, Storyboards, Shotlists and Call Sheets - upload images to the blog with a description of what they are and how they will help you.

Mise-en-scene - Research on your genre and plans for your own ideas

Analysis of past students work - analyse using the marking criteria and/or Goodwin’s points.

Location Reports - street map images or still photo images, information about the location and why it is suitable (Group 48 on the 2009/2010 Archive has good examples).

Target Audience Research - You could do a mind map or a questionnaire. (discuss all three products not just your video)

Lyrics Analysis - ensure the lyrics for your song are on the blog, analyse mood and representation of the artist etc.

Editing Techniques - Find examples of similar editing styles or transitions that you plan to use.

Mood Board - create a mood board for you overall inspiration.

Amateur vs Professional - Analyse the differences between a student and real artist music video.

Contact the original artist - Show that you have attempted to seek permission from the artist to use their song (e.g. via Facebook)

Test Footage - experiment with shot types and editing techniques and upload these to the blog.

Look a the blog of the week - What inspiration can you take from them? Why do you think their blog is successful?

This is a minimum. You should use your imagination to create other posts.

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